Pencil Rod Making Machine


High quality Pencil rod making machine

Model: FM-A

Capacity: 35-40 pcs/min

Motor: 0.37kw

Dimension: 2500×380×1280mm

This paper pencil making machine mache can be  used recycle  thepaper, old newspapers ,waste paper to make  pencil. 

Brief introduction

Pencil Making Machine is the first machine to make newpaper pencil. this pencil save more cost than traditonal wooden pencil, the machine is easy to operate, can produce nice design and pattern newspaper pencil machine,2-3 person are enough


Paper cutting machine →pencil stick rolling machine → drying machine → pencil stick cutting and polishing machine → pencil stick polishing machine → shrink packing machine → pencil heading machine

Raw material of Pencil Making Machine
Waste newspaper, glue, pencil lead

Advantages of Pencil Making Machine
1. Environment protection–recycle waster newspapers, and saving woods.

2. Reduce much cost to make pencils.

3. can make nice pattern designs

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